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    JRP Home Solutions accepts the above amount collected monies from prospective tenant(s) as a non-refundable fee to purchase an Intent to Rent on the property listed above. The Intent to Rent removes this property from public offering and holds the property for prospective tenant (s) to produce "amount due" monies needed to properly complete a rental agreement before fifteen days from the date of this agreement. Time is of the essence. If prospective tenant(s) fail to perform by the listed date and time, a fee for lost rents, administrative costs, advertising, and holding costs will be assessed to prospective tenant(s) in an amount equal to the amount collected. All parties understand this document is not a rental agreement and no possession is permitted until an entire rental agreement has been properly completed.


    If such information is found in remaining checks that would prohibit tenant from qualifying for rental of listed property JRP Home Solutions will not be obligated to proceed with signing of rental agreement and in such case the amount will NOT be refunded to prospective tenant(s).


    At such time that the lease has been signed the above deposit will be applied to the total due at signing.


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